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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing two total beach babes in Castaway Cay, a  private island in the Bahamas.

They are really living the dream.

Traveling around as personal shoppers. I jumped at the chance when they asked me to come and photograph them on one of the private islands. Not only did I get excited about meeting these ocean lovers, but also that Id get to shoot in a location I had been dreaming about for quite some time!

The island was a total dream, we hired bikes, drank a couple of cocktails, splashed in sea and had a total blast!

This is a photoshoot I will never forget. They had a such a connection. They’re beautiful, light-hearted, and totally fun.

Hannah and kyle, I loved you guys…






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  1. Katie de Silva
     ·  Reply

    Absolutely love your work Pixie! 😀 You seem like a woman after my own heart, loving the ocean and freedom in life. You captured such an adventure with this couple and it looks like you had an absolute blast! Xxx I can’t wait to see what you create next 🙂

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