My name is Pixie Abbott and I am an enthusiastic, energetic, vibrant young photographer who
loves to express herself through pictures.

I do have a tendency to ‘cry a little’ at every wedding, ‘dance a little’ at every reception!

I am a chatterbox, a little extravagant and love anything vintage. Married to the love of my life Jake and we have an adorable black Labrador called Billy who also shared in the celebrations on our wedding day!

I am a destination wedding and portrait photographer, inspired by the beauty that surrounds us everyday…

People, views from outside our windows, the soft light at the end of the day and natural light of the golden hour, enables me to produce the most intimate, fascinating and realistic series of images that communicate ‘love’ without words. They will show beauty, love, laughter, sadness and joy. It’s my way of capturing your moments that can be frozen forever but relived at any given time in the future.

See it… feel it… but above all… remember it!

Weddings, love stories, the birth of a child and other magical moments in your lives light my fire and fuel my ever growing passion for photography.

If you are looking for someone to create and capture your special memories then please contact me, Id love to hear your story…