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The Street in Nassau, Bahamas


Not all cities are grey concrete jungles. I discovered Nassau on a recent trip away. For a long time I have wanted to take a jump into street photography, and this was the perfect spot. Street photography is unpredictable. I find this very exhilarating and fascinating at the same time.

Filled with candy-colored buildings, unusual characters and an utter uniqueness that wowed me from the moment I stepped off the boat. I give you the paradise Island “Nassau”.

Are you a street photographer too? What do you love about street photography? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear it!


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3 thoughts on “The Street in Nassau, Bahamas”

  1. Lucy
     ·  Reply

    Wow this place looks amazing! Great photos x

  2. Gemma
     ·  Reply

    I’ve been to the Bahamas myself but wow you really have captured it in all its beauty, what amazing photos xxx

  3. Skye
     ·  Reply

    I love these photos!! Capturing the moment in every single one, could look at these pictures and they’d brighten my day…dreaming of holidays xx

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