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Why I Choose Photography

photography, photographer


photography, photographer

I love photography. I see the world and light in a whole new way. The camera helps me meet amazing people.


I can not tell you how many times that people have seen me with all of my equipment and asked what I was shooting. Or, assuming that I know what I am doing with a camera, they will ask me to take their photo. Many times this leads to a conversation with these strangers. And I have met some really amazing people across the globe. I get a chance to travel the globe and experience so many amazing things. It is not just people who I am meeting face-to-face, it is the chance to interact with all of you. There are a lot of reasons why I choose photography.


  • I get to capture family history and memories.

Sure, when I shoot an event like a family or wedding, I am making money doing that but that is not the only reason that I shoot these types of events. I love being there to capture that important moment in time, a moment that will hopefully be remembered forever through my images. It was at this time that I realized that we are not photographers, we are historians! I will also tell you that there is nothing that makes me happier than to walk into a friend’s house and see, on their walls or mantelpiece, countless family photos that I have taken for them over the years.


  • I get to share photos with others.

What good is it to take photos if nobody is ever going to see them? I love capturing images for myself and my family, but also to share with others. It is for this reason that I started this blog and created the Facebook and Instagram page. When I first created the blog, it was for friends and family to see what I was up to. I am very thankful to have all of you who view the images, ask questions and give your opinions. You are a big reason why I love photography.


  • I get to give back

To me, the most important word in the English language is “passion.” And I try to do everything with passion. Whether it is interactions with my friends and family, driving, or shooting photos, I do it all with passion. And through my photography and this blog, I get to spread that passion to others.


Being a photographer just means you really love photography and hopefully after reading all of this, you’ll see that it can give you more than you ever imagined. Well, maybe you’re just curious about how to get into photography, but aren’t sure if you should really dive into it. Simply Get in Touch and follow me to know more about my journey of being a photographer.

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