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Photography Is A Great Career Choice

Photography is a great career choice. “Photographers don’t really have to “work” as normal people do.” Many photographers hear that line more often than they’d like, I imagine. People who aren’t in the industry think photographers are so lucky to be in a business where they get to take pictures all day. It becomes harder and harder to regularly engage in discussions about photography as a career choice.

What they don’t realize is that the career of a professional photographer is exciting, to say the least.  From photographing those precious moments at a wedding to photographing the Northern lights in a matter of months and going from a minimum wage income to a 6 figure salary in less than a year. A professional photographer is truly fortunate.

There are a number of reasons that make photography a great career choice. I’ve put together 11 of the ones I like most, even though many more could’ve been added.

  • Capture A Memory That Will Last Forever

A photo can capture a moment, and it’ll last forever. You’re the one that captures that moment! I think a lot of people take this idea for granted being that photography is so accessible these days.

  • Almost Every Photographer Finds Their True Path

You don’t have to decide immediately what type of photographer you are, take your time. While you may like shooting landscapes, you may be more interested in the wedding, boudoir, commercial or even portrait photography. You get to decide what segment of photography fits you best.

  • Clients Will Buy Into Your Vision

Your clients will be more than happy to let you express your individuality. The reason why they chose you over your competition is that they share your sense of style and vision. Don’t change who you are and be true to yourself. Which leads me to my next point.

  • Create Your Portfolio

This is where you get to show off who you are and what your style is. Don’t rush and do a half-ass job. Create a portfolio that stands out from the rest, while keeping true to your style and who you are. You’re in control of how others perceive your artistry.

  • You Get To Tell A Story

A photographer gets to tell a story through images. Those images are the documentation of important moments in someone’s life or an adventure you’ve been on. It’s with these images people get to relive the moments that truly matter.

  •  Photography Will Take You Places

Whether you are a destination photographer or a landscape photographer, photography will take you places you’ve never been to. This brings business trips to a whole new level. Instead of corporate meetings, you’ll be photographing moments.

  • You Work When You Want

You are your own boss!  Want to take some time off? Need to spend more time with the family? Sure, go ahead. Who’s going to tell you otherwise? How awesome is that? You’re in complete control of your time.

  • You Get To Keep Learning

Like any industry, photography is always evolving. There’s always new gear coming out, new lighting techniques to learn, more editing tricks for you to learn – this can go on and on. Learning something new keeps you interested in what you’re doing. You’re not staying in one place.

  •  You Get To Go To Photography Conferences

Unlike corporate conferences, photography conferences are a lot of fun! No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to find one that interests you the most. What’s great about photography conferences is that not only do you get to learn from your peers, but you get to network with other photographers as well. You never know when you’ll need someone to cover for you, or when they’ll need someone covering for them.

  • Every Day Is Different

No two days are alike in photography. One day you’ll be out drinking champagne with the bride and groom and the next day you’ll be editing. Even if you have two weddings in one weekend, those two events won’t be the same. You get to be at different places, see different faces and experience something different each and every time.

  • Money

I put this last because while it’s not the reason photographers get into photography, no one wants to starve. While some photographers may not agree, most others will tell you there’s good money to be made in this industry. You get to set the price and handle all your bookings.

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